On Next Steps & Samantha Brown

Does anyone remember Samantha Brown? As a kid and teenager, I was completely obsessed (and I mean obsessed) with the Travel Channel, and in particular Samantha Brown’s shows. She’s this really quirky, cute TV travel host, and she used to go to places all over the world and just…do stuff. And then talk about it. And that was her job. Much like your average travel blogger, except she was on TV. And getting paid. And WHY ISN’T THIS MY JOB? – 14 year old Sam. I used to say that I was destined for her job, as my name is also Samantha, and her last name starts with B and mine with C, so alphabetically and logically, it was just preordained that I would fill her shoes one day.

At the moment, I’m living back at home after a failed attempt at living in the lovely city of Chicago. Lost and aimless, I’ve been fortunate enough to be sheltered and given time to “figure it all out” by my amazing, patient family. Since being back, I’ve again gone back to my usual routine of bouncing 20,000 ideas and possibilities around in my head (from becoming a professional belly dancer to moving to Saudi Arabia to just saying fuck it and living in a convent). However, as many commented on in my last post, following your dream isn’t about already knowing how things will end up. It’s just about starting.

When Samantha Brown was first starting, YouTube didn’t even exist. Getting on TV was really the only option if you wanted to do a travel show. You just had to be lucky. However, taking a note from Samantha Brown, and adding a few others, I’m going to attempt to do it on my own. People make entire careers out of Instagram accounts, and for that, I’m thankful to be living in 2016. So why not me? The world is not short of travel blogs or vlogs, that’s for sure. However, just because someone else might be doing it, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it. Maybe you can do it better (or add something new, in any case). As Amanda Palmer says, there’s really no Fraud Police to stop you.

On the second week of January 2017, I’m leaving to Mexico City. I’ve been wanting to travel around Latin America for years now, and there’s no good reason not to. The ticket is bought! From there I plan to go to Oaxaca, Veracruz and Isla Mujeres, and generally poke around the area. Other countries on the planned route are Colombia, Argentina, and god knows I’ve had this fantasy of traveling from the south of Brazil all the way up the coast for ages.

So to put all of my family members at ease, when they ask, what are you doing with yourself, Sam? Well now I have an answer. I’m going to travel, and blog it, and vlog it, and make a damn career out of it.

But how will you do that? What will you need to do that? What about money? – Questions you’re probably asking.

Those are good and valid questions, dear reader. My answer is that, like all true adults, I will make all of this up as I go along. It won’t be quick, nor easy, and I’m sure I will get the usual deluge of detractors, but I welcome it. The only thing that I do know is that I will be on that plane in January, passport ready, fire in my belly and ready to take that first step.

Samantha Brown is up, Samantha C on deck.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Parisa says:

    Sounds incredible. I love it!


  2. Harri says:

    This is going to be great! Good luck!


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