On Road Trips & Going with the Flow

I love a good road trip. If there’s one thing that can be said about the US, it’s that it’s the perfect place to take one. Sure we don’t have good public trans, or even a decent, reasonably priced railway system. But we do have amazing interstate highways. The American highway is like an endless, winding river, and can take you through all kinds of amazing nature that you’d completely miss via plane travel.

So I took a road trip earlier this week. A small one, just an hour and a half north, to Flagstaff. I used to hate living in Arizona, but I’ve grown to hate it less now that I have 4 wheels to traverse it.

Am I in Wyoming?

The road north to Flagstaff is like going into another state practically. If you’ve been to Phoenix you know that it’s pretty barren of what most people consider natural beauty (i.e. trees and greenery in general). Northern Arizona gives us Phoenicians a rare site, such as this.

A tree. In autumn. WHAT.

I spent the better part of my day in Flagstaff with a dear friend, also named Samantha. We sat in a coffee shop and co-wrote a song about her chai. Then I got to browsing about her notebook, and discovered this little gem.

Sam’s Goal List – DIFS: Do It For the Story

Sam and I met during a 3 week-long ESL summer camp we both taught at in Sedona. There, the staff truly impressed upon me the importance of “going with the flow.” Sam is kind of the embodiment of that (the girl can literally not make plans a day in advance. love you!). And I have been trying to embrace the concept more and more these days, because I may take a while to make a decision, but once I do, I really don’t like to change it.

Must repeat: Go with the flow, go with the flow, go with the flow…

My plan, as outlined in my last post, was to go to Latin America for a few months. Afterwards, I wanted to go to Berlin, to go back to school (uh, it’s free, hello) and just kind of get my life started in terms of finding a cool place where my ideas can be fostered by a creative community. However, the Latin America idea has caused quite a bit of unexpected friction in the fam. And so, only partially reluctantly, I am switching my plans. Rotating, rather than cancelling.

Come January, I’m moving to Berlin, and merely postponing the Lat Am trip. Honestly, I can’t complain, because I still get to move to Germany. This is one of those small sacrifices that must be made in the name of peace and harmony (tho not a sacrifice I could even begin to complain about). I had a friend do a tarot reading for me (clearly the only way to make any important life decision), and it turns out, this seems like a good choice according to the universe. So I feel at peace with it, and also very excited. Great, now I have to learn German — probably the only language I’ve never had any desire to learn. It sounds like you’re trying to speak Swedish while trying to chew like 10 pieces of gum.

The sky on fire, as seen from my car.

My tarot reading said that I was in a situation where I was beginning to feel worn down and stagnant, and that I had a lot of creative energy that was trying to be unleashed. The cards suggested that I may be considering a drastic or impulsive choice, but that this choice may be the best thing for me actually, and that I should eschew all self-doubt.

I don’t believe in God. But I do believe in the universe, and that the universe brings you certain situations where we must decide which fork in the road to take. I feel like the flow is taking me in a very obvious direction so repeat after me:

Go with the flow, go with the flow, go with the flow…


P.S. I’m not sure this is even a concept in Germany, but mit dem Strom schwimmen I guess.



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