On Stitching, Bitching & Magic

I have intentionally not deemed this blog a travel blog. Because it isn’t. It may include travel, because I do that a lot. I also didn’t want to call it a sewing blog either, because while I may include sewing things in it, that’s not all I do. I guess this may fall under the lifestyle category, because I plan to include both, and will write about…well, my life. So sure! That!

The first time I saw Sailor Moon at the tender age of 5, I knew I was a goner. The music, the magic, the girl power; it was life changing. Since then, I’ve remained a lifelong fan, and my otaku fervor over the years has bounced between me praying to Jesus to turn me into Sailor Jupiter (true story) and me eye-rolling so hard at the convention crowd that I see my own skull (stop throwing random Japanese words into the conversation!).

The first time I used a sewing machine was at the impressionable age of 19, and I knew I was a goner then too. I can look back at my journal from that time, and I asked myself if my desire to make costumes (for Sailor Moon cosplays, naturally) was just a fleeting idea for a hobby that I had, or if I was really, truly interested in it.

It has been 6 years since I’ve started sewing, and it has grown from just a hobby to an all-consuming passion. I can hark back to the first things I had ever sewn, learning everything from YouTube and just guessing for everything else. I employed what I now call the Hack & Sew method (which I still employ on occasion). This involves basically drawing a giant rectangle, trying it on, and hacking/sewing away at it until it resembles the thing you were going for. Some examples from my beginner days…

It wasn’t until I moved to Chicago and starting taking classes at the amazing Lillstreet that I learned the official (and far more efficient) way to sew and then some. I took classes in dyes, embroidery, screen printing, and basically anything else I could afford. My thirst for knowledge was unquenchable. Must. Make. More. Things!

I know that my path has something to do with fashion. Maybe not high fashion. There are plenty of designers that make highly conceptualized work, and I respect that. But I am much happier making classically feminine silhouettes or retro-looking things. Basically, I love to make clothes that I always wished I could have had. I am a freak about customizing (if my old Converse or my patch/pin obsession are any indication), and expressing myself through what I wear with as much DIY as possible. As long as I can work with textiles in some capacity, and continue to make things, I will be happy as a clam. The making is truly a magical process, and I enjoy it every step of the way (even if I’m telling the project to go fuck itself…I swear I’m still enjoying it on some level!). To gauge my growth over the last 6 years, I shall display a small gallery of recent pieces (Hack & Sew only utilized once!):

I’m wondering if doing some tutorials and things up on the YouTube channel would be cool? I did say I wanted to start vlogging as well. I do want to kind of keep a consistency and coherency about this blog, not just have it be a random mess of stuff (like my journal ayyy). Does a sewing/travel/rad girl doing rad stuff blog exist?

It does now.




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