On Vintage Vibes

Dear reader,

I’m back! It’s been over a month since I’ve posted here on the blog, and it’s not because I haven’t wanted to. Life happens, as you know, and you get caught up with all manner of other things. In any case, I’m back at my sewing machine, finally, and now there’s a sense of peace in my life. Surely everyone has something in their lives that makes them feel this way? That when you’re not actively pursuing it, you feel just a complete mess? The world is a chaotic place, and everyone needs a place of solace where they can exercise a measure of control. Bring on the needle and thread.

I’ve always been fascinated by history and historical costume, and one era that sticks out to me in particular is the 1960s. It may be the music, the fashion, the attitude, or all three, but the vibe of that decade has always enamored me. And I’m not just referring to the hippie counterculture. From the bubblegum pop princess dresses of the early 60s to the sleek mod trapeze dresses that appeared later in the decade; the whole era has just been irresistibly cool to me.

Give me mini skirt or give me death!

Some months ago I was browsing the entrails of Etsy, on the hunt for vintage patterns, and came across a ton that were unbelievably cheap. Original 1960s patterns for $1.50 (!!!!), and that all happened to be in my size, or very near to it. Naturally I snatched up as many as I could afford, and have just been sitting on them for months and months. It occurred to me that I could make vintage looking clothes, in modern, contemporary fabrics. A-ha!

I have this habit of making clothes sometimes just to make them. Not even taking in mind what I would actually wear. So I have quite a few things that I’ve made that are really cute…for someone else. I would never wear them, or have worn them out maybe one time. Pointless! And a waste. I decided to try and make a conscious effort to combat this. I want to start building my 1960s wardrobe, and I better damn well think of how I want it to look so I can actually wear the stuff!

Nothing like a little neck tie to get you feeling fresh.

I decided to start with this one, since I had already transferred the pattern to my thicker paper ages ago. I decided to go with Dress B, because I live in Arizona and sleeveless is just always better in my opinion. I went to my local Joann to see if there was any fabric that wasn’t complete shit too boring, but I came across this yellow plaid and had to have it. It’s a nice medium weight, not that dingy junk from the quilting section, and it reminded me of a cross between a 1970s punk, and Cher Horowitz from Clueless, so I consider that an evolution in punk. Decided.

Another decision I made right off the bat was that I would not be putting in pockets. I’ve made welt pockets before and hate them, and was also lazy, so there’s my thought process for you.

Final results?

Groovy baby!

I’m really happy with it! I have an hourglass figure and am used to always wearing things that cinch at the waist for maximum flattering effect, but the 60s are notorious for that loose, easy dress. Those mods! So the belt I added just to do it up my own way, and I’m really pleased with it! Maybe I’ll add those pockets at a later time (let’s be honest though, it’s not going to happen). One dress down, at least 5 more to go!

I’ve also been considering starting a YouTube sewing channel. Would you be interested in sewing videos with tips/tricks/tutorials, etc? Get at me in the comments!




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