The Magical Mystery Quilt, Pt. 2

Remember that t-shirt quilt I started making a while back? Oh yeah, haven’t forgotten it! In an attempt to actually reduce the number of projects I consistently have in progress, I finally got around to making this thing. Shall we begin?

Last time, I had but just completed putting the t-shirt squares together. Turned out they actually weren’t crooked, I just hadn’t pulled them straight for the photo, so there was a bit of a relief. Though to be completely honest, at this point I wouldn’t have bothered to fix it. Boo would just have a slightly crooked first-timer quilt (woh woh).

So after my research, in order to complete a quilt, you need at least 2 things: batting and a backing. Maroon is boifu’s favorite color, so I bought some maroon quilter’s cotton. Then, the hard part.

Batting is a world unto itself. Apparently, depending on the material, the texture and warmth of the quilt can change significantly. There’s also different “ply” (or something?) to different batting, and they often come in packaged rolls, sized to bed/mattress sizes. I had also read somewhere that polyester tends to be slightly less warm, which was perfect since bae is actually the Human Torch.


Upon returning home, I carefully (see: haphazardly) cut out around my quilt, allowing 2 inches of excess to hang off.

Yer lookin alright hinny

Then came the pinning.

I think pinning may be the hardest thing about quilting. Trying to keep the fabric from shifting around, to keep everything straight, and wrinkle-free feels nearly impossible. I had some helpful tips from my abuelita, and I procured my dining room table for this endeavor. It actually turned out to be pretty much exactly the same size as the quilt, so not too much fussing was required. Finally, I got everything pinned and as smoothed out as it was gonna get (some creases were forever locked into the back of this quilt, oh fuck it).

Little did I know how well-acquainted my fingertips would become with these pins…

After a couple episodes of Killer Kids (highly recommend), I had bound the edges and finished the damn thing! Voila:

Holds up pretty well in the washer as well! Not too shabby.

It’s actually pretty soft, and the boifu loves it! So does the dog, as it is now perma-covered in dog hair but what can you do?

Mission: complete.




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